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The Market for Print Books is Not Dying

 The print market for books is not dying. People still love to hold a story written on paper. They enjoy cracking it open, sniffing the new book aroma, feeling the heaviness of a new world in their hands, and anticipating the journey.  Just … Continue reading

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Industry Consolidation

Clearly there are benefits to industry consolidation. Consolidation allows for more stable and expanded distribution, controlled excess capacity, and increased prices. It allows companies to integrate their schedules and unify operations, cut costs, and stock shelves with their titles. New … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Time to Start a Publishing Business

Greetings, I’m Dayna. Our new publishing company, Koho Pono LLC, opens its doors this month despite tough economic conditions, bookstores closures, cut-throat competition from mega-publishing houses, and dramatic industry upheavals. It is a notoriously tough sector but we are excited because innovation can help small publishing companies and booksellers (hey, authors and their audiences, too). Continue reading

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