Scott Burr, Dayna Hubenthal, and Brion K. Hanks

SUC_front-cover 72dpi 3x5Our newest authors, Scott Burr and Brion K. Hanks have written a book with author Dayna Hubenthal about how to reduce accidents in the construction industry to zero. In fact, the book shows how safety can become the leverage point for zero-harm and improved profits, schedule and productivity.

The Safety Under Construction series is broken out into a book for each major readership. For example, the first book in the series is the large, in-depth, very technical book for engineers and visionary leaders (coming soon). The second book in the series is written for construction workers and frontline supervisors (available now). The third book in the series is written for the construction executive (coming soon) and the fourth book is written for regulatory/government/and public policy readers (will be available mid-2014). The final book in the series is written for the unions (will be available end of 2014).

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Thank you for your interest in authors Brion K. Hanks and Innovation Scientific (Scott Burr and Dayna Hubenthal) and their books, Safety Under Construction: For Construction Workers and Frontline Supervisors!  Please feel free to use any of the following resources to review the books and contact Scott or Dayna at if you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview. For information about Brion K. Hanks, please go to (website coming soon).

Short Bios:

It is our destiny to write this book and save lives. We all have a long-time dedication to safety, but each of us have contributed something unique to this project because we approach the subject from different roles and with varied experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

Dayna Hubenthal is a Principal at the firm, Innovation Scientific LLC. She approaches safety from an innovation-based, people-oriented perspective, which is augmented by her research prowess and love of cutting-edge technology. She has a strong understanding of group dynamics, cultural and psychological drivers in groups. Dayna is a professional innovator with a special interest in the intersection of social dynamics, innovation and technology. She is also a premier communicator and has led the communication strategies for this work.

Scott Burr is a Principal at the firm, Innovation Scientific LLC. He has worked in high-reliability industries and his interest in safety and risk comes from years of hands-on shop floor experience in manufacturing. He is a Six Sigma and Lean Master and also a TRIZ[1] practitioner. He has led several quality initiatives and implementations in various industries. He has solved many complex and entrenched problems including safety issues. Many of these problems were considered “impossible to solve” until he led his teams to solve them. Scott is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is dedicated to creating industry scale solutions that provide new opportunities, jobs, and markets.

Brion K. Hanks is a Safety Manager at a major construction company with a passionate dedication to safety. He has over 40 years of experience promoting safety within the construction industry. He is very hands-on and understands the dynamics of construction work and how construction people think. Brion is a world-class safety expert and understands the best practices in his field. He has never stopped searching for better answers to eliminating accidents and has been involved with the implementation of many cutting edge safety practices But Brion’s greatest asset is his resolute attitude toward always promoting safety first and safety always.

When Scott and Dayna met Brion, he was already a world-class safety expert. It quickly became apparent that Brion is driven to eliminate the last five percent of ‘accidents’ that other people within the construction industry find unavoidable. Scott and Dayna formed a collaborative innovation project with Brion as the subject matter expert and focal point of safety passion. Throughout their first conversations, Scott, Brion and Dayna realized a breakthrough was possible as we identified the fundamental industry problems and contradictions. Then Dayna and Scott used inventive tools to lead an analysis of the current industry situation, challenged best practices and then proposed a new and more effective approach to safety in construction. Brion provided an in-depth reality check and push back on ideas that would not fly in construction. This book is one result of that effort and provides a starting point for communicating that paradigm shift to executive leaders.

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[1] TRIZ is a Russian acronym for Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch or теория решения изобретательских задач, and roughly translates into English as the “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving”.


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