The Second Coming of Curly Red

Red-headed baby in cowboy boots is tossed in the air. Arms are outstretched to catch him; A huge white bird flies overheadJody Seay’s debut novel has just come out in a second edition.

What’s different you ask? An original character was removed during the first edition editing process because she was too extreme – realistic, but too much. Jody asked us to reinstate this character because she added a balanced perspective to the book. So we did. The book also has a new cover.

This book is a award-winning and we are very proud of it. Reading it will “expand your mind, your heart and make you see double as if you were hit upside the head”.  Look for The Second Coming of Curly Red, second edition – new and improved.

This candid, compelling, and compassionate novel could have been torn out of today’s newspaper headings.

One minute Texan Jimmy Heron is sitting next to his beloved wife of fifty years eating pie, the next minute she is dead in his arms; killed by a racist, woman-hating, semi-automatic gun-toting maniac. Shattered by Lou’s senseless death, Jimmy Heron hits the road – can’t sit still; can’t hardly breathe. He roams the western landscape looking for solace until he lands in the tiny pioneer town of Reliance, Oregon. Here he settles, figuring it is as good a place as any to wait until he dies. 

With kindness and perseverance, however, his new neighbors delicately slide into his life. A lesbian couple eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child, a Native American ranch hand, a big-hearted dog, and a small band of generous people gently encourage Jimmy to deal with loss, death and love. Thus, Jimmy Heron begins his healing process. 

The Second Coming of Curly Red will grab you by the heart and not let go. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The novel is also available as an eBook (Kindle and Nook)

Also visit Jody’s website and blog to while away a minute or more of entertainment. She’s a riot.


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