Constructing Competence In Failure Analysis

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Our newest engineering release is a peer-reviewed, 499 page print book, written by Debbie Aliya.

The author distills 40 plus years of learning and investigations of failed parts to create a new way to recognize and prevent bias. She helps you avoid the human drive to cover-up and hide information to understand the real reason “why did it fail?”.  The strategic use of stories combined with technical content provide a “classroom feel”.

Debbie Aliya introduces a new robust way to categorize ductile and brittle failures. In spirited discussion, she overturns traditional notions of ductile and brittle failure. Following the data, she builds upon the pioneering work of Dr. William T. Becker.

With strong insight from Becker and her experience, she restructures fractography’s use in failure analysis investigations to assure better and more understandable results to business. Constructing Competence in Failure Analysis is a breakthrough for investigating from an interdisciplinary materials and mechanical engineering perspective.

Debbie Aliya, FASM and Author

Debbie Aliya is a Fellow of the American Society of Materials International (FASM)

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Aliya Analytical Website (failure investigations)