Almost A Murder


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ALMOST A MURDER is great drama. In this nonfiction novel (a true courtroom battle) readers have an unparalleled “you are there view” of this epic legal thriller.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The authors, Jody Seay and Jim Lloyd recount how a wealthy “Son of Oklahoma” is slain by his delicate foreign wife. The brutal facts are clear to the police: she cracked his skull with a bat, shot him twice, she strangled him, dumped his naked body, lied repeatedly and then, when cornered, she confessed. Everyone believes it’s going to be a slam-dunk murder trial and a quick trip to a lethal injection.

Her lawyer is Jim Lloyd. He’s a cub lawyer with no criminal trial experience. She has no friends, no money, and barely speaks English. Together they stand against powerful political and financial forces who will do almost anything get retribution.

In this courtroom drama, the authors’ stunning ability to capture pivotal moments and to reveal human weakness (with all of the personalities on display) show why this searing trial made the headlines week after week.

Ultimately this REAL-LIFE COURTROOM DRAMA is one of the most studied legal clashes in US law today. One award-winning author plus one lawyer (who was in the thick of it all) together create a spellbinding account of uncertain justice, fight for family, and the struggle to do what’s right.

Almost a Murder will be sold in brick-and-mortar stores and online. If it is not on the shelves, please go in to the store and ask for it. Or you can order online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and in 57 countries worldwide.

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Happy reading and enjoy the courtroom drama, Almost A Murder!

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