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Author Coy F. Cross II 
Portrait of Coy Cross SmilingThe Dhance: A Caregiver's Search for Meaning by Coy F. CrossThe Path of God by Coy F. Cross

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Author Caroline Miller

Novel Trompe L'Oeil by Caroline MillerNovel Gothic Spring by Caroline MillerBook Cover of Heart Land; old sepia colored, 3 boys playing with toys on a sidewalk and a vintage car is in the backgroundPhoto of author Caroline Miller

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Author Len Kovar

WWII POW How I Survived by Len Kovar

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Author Jody Seay
Dead in a Ditch: Growing up in Texas and other near-death experiences by Jody SeayRed-headed baby in cowboy boots is tossed in the air. Arms are outstretched to catch him; A huge white bird flies overhead

Author Jody Seay with Cowgirl hat and saddleVisit Jody Seay’s Website:
Author Jaki Fey

Picture of a Black and White Cat face

Jaki Fey is shy; here’s a picture of her body double

Print book cover; an eight year old girl waving goodby to geese and she is standing in front of an old Danish-style houseA little girl on a stage is hooked up like a marionette; the title in gold says, Wolf In My Pocket

Author Dayna Hubenthal
Novel Persephone's Seeds by Dayna HubenthalAuthor Dayna Hubenthal
Author Lynn Weiss


I Like Company by Lynn Weiss





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