Jaki Fey

We are pleased to introduce to you our newest author, Jaki Fey. Her first book, The Last Goose Concert, is available in both print and eBook.

Bk_frontCvr4webJaki’s second book, Wolf In My Pocket, is currently available as an eBook. The illustrations are provided by artist Keith Yurdana. The color print book creates an ideal interplay between Keith’s complex artwork built from organic shapes both fearsome and friendly and Anka’s journey to face her difficult situation and fears.

A little girl on a stage is hooked up like a marionette; the title in gold says, Wolf In My Pocket

Jaki is well regarded as an oral storyteller. Her books harkens back to the fairytale stories of old. Jaki has always said that growing up is the most difficult and scariest job. Children must overcome daily fears and they know almost nothing of how the world works. She writes stories about real children fears and intermingled fantasy – because that is the world as children experience it.

Jaki Fey earned her English degree from San Jose State University. She lives in Oregon with an old, old dog and a young, young cat.


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