Coy F. Cross II, Ph.D.

Carol Martha and CoyAbout our author, Coy F. Cross II PhD

Coy is a prolific writer and historian. However, his new book The Dhance: A Caregiver’s Search for Meaning is different than his previous writings. To this new book he brings the same research discipline, same clarity of thought, and assessable writing style, but gone is the detached observer point of view that historians normally bring to their work. Coy’s new book chronicles his life long search for meaning amidst an avalanche of tragedies, any one of which has broken lesser men. He found the meaning he was searching for. And from that journey, Coy has written a beautiful ode to his wife and a spiritual guide for those facing life’s crises within the pages of, The Dhance. Listen to author Coy Cross on “Freedom for All Radio Show with Jim and Jennifer“; Spiritual Coaching Radio Show on” with Reverand Carla; or visit his website.

Coy has also edited a book of lessons from Unity Reverend, Carol Ruth Knox. Coy brings his expertise as a historian and long-time friend of Carol Ruth Knox to make this a truly remarkable book. It’s called The Path of God.

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Thank you for your interest in author Coy F. Cross II and his two books, The Dhance: A Caregiver’s Search for Meaning and The Path of God!  Please feel free to use any of the following resources to review the books and contact Coy at if you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview.

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Short Bio: Dr. Coy F. Cross II is a retired historian but his greatest contribution may be as a caregiver to his wife Carol as she struggled with ovarian cancer. Coy wrote a book – not in typical historian manner as a detached observer, but from the “trenches of the disease” as he struggled to put his spiritual practices to use in his life. Now he speaks to other people about his journey of discovery, how he uses ‘practical spirituality’ to deepen his relationship with the Divine, and how to transform difficult challenges such as grief into incredible gifts that may not be found anywhere else. Coy often says, “You may not like what is happening in your life, but accepting it is the first step towards tapping into your divine source where your best solutions reside.”

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