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Author Dayna Hubenthal
Author Dayna HubenthalDayna Hubenthal graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University after fifteen years of college. She loves to learn and is passionate about being at the frontier of knowledge. She is a writer, an artist, and a researcher. For many years, Dayna made her living as a technical writer in Silicon Valley. She helped brilliant people at bleeding-edged start-ups transform esoteric ideas into assessable and transferable knowledge. She is fascinated by heroes who have the courage to live an examined life. She writes for ‘heroes’ as they embark upon (or resist) their own journey of self-discovery. She also writes for those who create a safe place for the transformed-hero to come back to.Many cultures interest Dayna, especially the ancient cultures of Hawaii. She enjoys discovering archetypal patterns and subtle differences throughout societies past and present and is fascinated by great human achievements.”Persephone’s Seeds” is her first fiction novel.

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