The Last Goose Concert

ABOUT THE LAST GOOSE CONCERT by Jaki Feycover of Last Goose Concert paperback
Although she’s been a little bit naughty, a young girl named Freya is allowed to dress in her finest clothes and attend the yearly goose concert with her mother. She’s twirling in her pretty skirt until the weather wreaks havoc on their plans. Little Freya is sent off alone to deliver the much needed supplies to her geese friends.

The problem is, Freya has never paid attention to the route. she is both nervous and brave as she pulls the heavy cart towards Goosetown. Because she is just a young girl, she makes some unwise choices, but she also meets helpful animals along the way. Although she is much too young to bear this burden, she never gives up her heroic task and with the help of her best goose-friend, they save Goosetown. At the end of her journey home, she finds Momma waiting with a big hug, hot apple cider and a roaring fire.

A mythical journey, a little girl hero, bad decisions, and heroic deeds: Jaki Fey understands the daily fears children face and the heroic deeds they perform. Her stories show how little girls become heroes.

For young girls ages 6-9 and mothers, aunties, Grandmas and other women who are dedicated to the enrichment and growth of their little girls.

  • JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / General
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Girls & Women
  • FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Ducks, Geese, etc.
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Fantasy & Magic

You can also purchase the eBook version with its rich and beautiful color pictures at and Barnes & Noble.cover of Last Goose Concert eBook


08PussyWillowsBogThis book is a mother and daughter collaboration.

Jaki Fey earned her English degree from San Jose State University. She understands the daily fears children face and the heroic deeds they perform. Her stories combine real life situations with fantastical events and mythical journeys. Every story demonstrates how little girls become heroes.

Jaki Fey lives with a spritely young cat named William Tell Overture Shakespeare (similar to a grand conductor, he likes to sit on the keyboard and swat at the moving cursor on her computer monitor) and and a nearly blind and deaf mini dachshund named Shadie (he loves to curl up on her feet and lick her toes until he falls asleep).

Dayna Hubenthal received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from San Jose State University. Dayna makes her home in northern Oregon with her husband and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Rumi. (See picture below)




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