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Persephone’s Seeds
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Thank you for your order
Dead in a Ditch
WWII POW How I Survived
The Dhance by Coy F. Cross II
Coy F. Cross II, Ph.D.
Dayna Hubenthal
Len Kovar
Jody Seay
The Path of God
Safety Under Construction
Scott Burr, Dayna Hubenthal, and Brion K. Hanks
The Last Goose Concert
Jaki Fey
About our name
Wolf In My Pocket
The Second Coming of Curly Red
The Incredible Journey
Reverend Carol Ruth Knox
Rev. Knox Inspirational Bits
Coy F. Cross II Media Resources
Coy’s Past Appearances
Almost A Murder
Prayer of the Heart: A Method of Transformation
Jim Lloyd and Jody Seay
Scuffed-Up Shoes
John Travis
Taking the One Seat
Constructing Competence In Failure Analysis
Debbie Aliya, Fellow ASM

Author & Audience Trends (4)
Author & Audience Trends (Part 1)
Author & Audience Trends (PART THREE)
Author & Audience Trends (Part two)
Come Read Our Publisher’s Blogs
Congratulations! You’ve written a book… now what?
Contractual Points for Artist-Author-Publisher Wins
Cudos for Guido Henkel
Industry Consolidation
Innovation for Writers Who Don’t Fit the Machine (Part 1)
Innovation for Writers Who Don’t Fit the Machine (Part 2)
It’s a Good Time to Start a Publishing Business
Jody’s Book is Launched
Leap and God will catch you
Reaching out towards a whole new world
Searching for the self
Synergies & Contradictions with “Vendors”
The Market for Print Books is Not Dying
What to serve at negotiations: Calming Rice-Mango Salad


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