The Incredible Journey

Our author, Coy F. Cross II has  edited another profound book by Unity Rev. Carol Ruth Knox called, “The Incredible Journey”.

“THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY describes the spiritual ‘unfoldment’ of the Reverend Carol Ruth Knox, one of Unity’s most dynamic ministers. She inspired a generation of congregants and young ministers, including me, to search deep within themselves for that Divine connection which has the answers to our most profound questions. I recommend Carol Ruth’s THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY to anyone seeking guidance and support for their own spiritual exploration.” – Reverend Beth Ann Suggs, PCC; Unity Minister

This is not the beginning of your Incredible Journey. You have been on this path for a long time and have turned to this book as yet another step in a life-long process that has been pushing, working and expanding you. Do you desire to be more fully aware of this process? Or maybe a life crisis has led you here.

Life continually grows us. We are never finished. The force, the energy responsible for our growth, continues to expand us into progressively deeper levels of consciousness. And so, this book is for those of you who hunger to be involved in your own spiritual process and want to take responsibility for your own inner lives.

It is also for those who feel desperate or confused. It is for all who wish to contact the spiritual force that drives you, the force that will not let you find contentment in the external trappings of life.

This book is Reverend Carol Ruth Knox’s autobiographical account of her personal unfoldment and her map to aid other spiritual seekers on their path. It is a challenging, exciting, re-vitalizing process, truly an Incredible Journey.

This book is available at bookstores across the world and on most online stores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and as an eBook.

“This book offers depth and perspective for those who are choosing to look below the surface for insights that resonate with their soul…” – Gail Derin, Licensed Unity Teacher

About age forty, a growing emptiness that I couldn’t fill convinced me to start searching to “figure life out.” I found no satisfactory answers until I met Reverend Carol Ruth Knox” Her teaching helped me structure my search for meaning.  – Coy F. Cross II


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