Jody Seay

We are proud to publish Author Jody Seay’s work.
Author Jody Seay with Cowgirl hat and saddleJody Seay (pronounced ‘See’) is an award-winning author as well as the creator, producer and host of the television show, Back Page. She has also written a play that premiered in 2013 (Bunk’n with you in the afterlife).

Jody is originally from Dallas, Texas and is the granddaughter of a cattle rancher. Her writing is a combination of tender, funny, and common sense. It reflects the humor and wisdom of fellow Texan, Molly Ivins, shaken together with the type of yarns spun by American populist, Will Rogers. Jody Seay has always believed in the power of stories to change our world.

In her memoir and second book, Dead in a Ditch, Jody invites the reader to take a look at her ‘family story album’ as she and her siblings manage to survive all the various ways their mother thought they would die. These are stories that introduce us to a little girl who took every double-dog dare to prove her bravery and re-introduces her as an adult who has realized the meaning of a life well-lived. From this collection, we get to experience the wackiness of growing up in a loud and rowdy Texas brood, what it meant to come out as a lesbian in a conservative family, and witness the courage it takes to live an authentic life.

DiaDcvr4ProdPgWebJody’s first book (we brought it out as a second edition with a major change and a new cover) is an award winning novel called “The Second Coming of Curly Red”. 

This candid, compelling, and compassionate novel could have been torn out of today’s newspaper headings.

One minute Texan Jimmy Heron is sitting next to his beloved wife of fifty years eating pie, the next minute she is dead in his arms; killed by a racist, woman-hating, semi-automatic gun-toting maniac. Shattered by Lou’s senseless death, Jimmy Heron hits the road – can’t sit still; can’t hardly breathe. He roams the western landscape looking for solace until he lands in the tiny pioneer town of Reliance, Oregon. Here he settles, figuring it is as good a place as any to wait until he dies. 

With kindness and perseverance, however, his new neighbors delicately slide into his life. A lesbian couple eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child, a Native American ranch hand, a big-hearted dog, and a small band of generous people gently encourage Jimmy to deal with loss, death and love. Thus, Jimmy Heron begins his healing process. 

The Second Coming of Curly Red will grab you by the heart and not let go. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The novel is also available as an eBook (Kindle and Nook)

Red-headed baby in cowboy boots is tossed in the air. Arms are outstretched to catch him; A huge white bird flies overheadJody says, “I do see myself as grounded, intelligent, funny, outspoken, and liberal. My writing reflects those characteristics along with a touch of tenderness, which I think touches people’s hearts. If I can write a story that makes people laugh and cry, then that makes me a happy girl. Indeed, if I can write a story that breaks my own heart and I still feel good at the end of it, I know I’ve put another one over the center field wall.” Jody now lives in Oregon with her partner, their sweet little dog and a mean cat.

Also visit Jody’s website and blog to while away a minute or more of entertainment. She’s a riot.


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