Cudos for Guido Henkel

You may not know about an eBook formatting genius named Guido Henkel. He has always been very generous about his knowledge and we here at Koho Pono have benefited from it. He is still formatting eBooks and as his experience in the field has grown, he has decided it was time to once again share his knowledge with the world. Therefore, he has just published “Zen of Ebook Formatting,” a book that takes readers deep into the mysteries of professional grade eBook formatting.

Guido’s book is currently available on Amazon and will shortly appear also on all other major eBook stores. For more information, including a look at the Table of Contents, you can also stop by his blog.  We recommend you do that anyway as it is loaded with information.

If you are a DIY (do it yourself) author and want to get your eBook out into the world, this man knows his stuff.  We recommend his book. We also recommend his services if you want someone do format your book for you. His prices are reasonable. He is quick and does a good job. We’ve used his services and were pleased.


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