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I’m delighted to announce that the November 2015 issue of Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch  features Caroline Miller’s Heart Land – a wonderful review.  The Midwest Book Review is the equivalent of the NY Times Book review for small presses. We are honored to have received such a sterling critique. (Below)  As  you consider holiday shopping, please, consider giving this warm, loving laugh to those you love.  Heart Land will provided it.  The critics have spoken.  And thank you.

Heart Land by Caroline Miller
ISBN: 9781938282164, $14.95, 254pp
Critique: “Heart Land: A Place Called Ockley Green” is deftly crafted and immensely entertaining from beginning to end. Showcasing author Caroline Miller as a gifted novelist of the first order, “Heart Land” is an exceptionally entertaining read and certain to be a popular addition to community library General Fiction collections. A truly memorable story from first page to last, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Heart Land” is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).
Synopsis: “Heart Land: A Place Called Ockley Green” is a fictional memoir of a bright and reckless boy growing up in rural Ohio in 1939, at the close of the Depression and before America’s entrance into World War II. Sleepy farming community, Ockley Green, is a place where a kid with an active imagination is as likely to try to convince his younger brother that monsters do live under their beds as he is to learn from the men who gather at the local diner to talk crops and politics. In this Norman-Rockwell-type world, Oliver creates mischief, makes mistakes, and learns about taking responsibility — important lessons in the making of a man. Instruction begins when Bodacious Scurvy, the town’s notorious alley cat, crosses Oliver’s path and gives him an idea. Author Caroline Miller has a painterly eye for details and imbues her storytelling with fire side warmth.

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